About Us

Meet the O’Donnell Legal team, here to help you however they can. 

Tom O'Donnell


Tom’s primary focus is in the areas of personal injury law and litigation.  He has over 10 years of experience.  His legal expertise is enhanced by his previous experience in commerce and accounting.

Paul Coves


Like Tom, Paul has over 10 years experience as a litigator in all kinds of matters.  Paul’s experience as a litigator is enhanced by his years of working in a multi-national company.  Paul thinks of the commercial reality first.

Ben Lanskey


Ben is in his fourth year of a Commerce/Law degree at the University of Queensland, completing his degree and working part time with O’Donnell Legal.

Paul Holtom


Originally, Paul was a client of the firm who was seriously injured in a major road accident. Accordingly, Paul understands the claim process from the injured person’s perspective. He knows the frustrations of dealing with insurers and the angst of having your world turned upside down by major trauma.