Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Helping You Through Commercial Disputes

O’Donnell Legal specialises in the resolution of all kinds of commercial disputes, regardless of size. Despite the skill of our team, we don’t charge the massive hourly rates of some of our CBD competitors. Instead, we keep our fees and costs to a level which our clients can afford.

Our approach is conservative. Before taking action, we will advise you of your options – there may be a better commercial solution than litigation.

Recently, we have assisted with the following disputes:

  • Internal disputes between shareholders of a private company. We proposed a mediation between the warring parties that resolved the issues;
  • Complex estate litigation on behalf of adult children who did not receive their fair entitlement under a will. In line with our conservative approach to litigation, this matter was also resolved through negotiation between the parties;
  • Dispute between neighbours caused by changes made by one party which altered the flow of water over the neighbouring property;
  • Contractual disputes between builders;
  • Class action on behalf of shareholders in a failed public company in the Federal Court;
  • Acting for liquidators to recover monies from a failed company

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide sound advice with respect to any dispute and to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

If you are in a legal dispute, consult O’Donnell Legal. We will find the most appropriate and cost effective solution for you.